Monday, April 28, 2008

cure for all - salted dried pollack soup Bukeo ghuk

Salted and dried pollack-which has several name depending on how and where it was dried- is hard as a rock. How hard? Well, it can be used as weapon or something that you can take all of your frustrations - such as a husband who was too busy hanging out with his friends and totally forgot about anniversary - out.
This soup is well-known as hang over cure.

Now back to the bad husband and his poor wife. The next morning, the poor wife goes to kitchen, finds the poorer dried cod, and beats the heck out of it. The beating tenderizes the fish and may also soothes the mood of wife. Wife serves the bowl of soup to now regretting husband. When he comes back from work that day, he may buy flower or little gift for his wife. No, I am not talking about my parents.... or am I?

Some times you don't need word. :)

These days, you can buy already well prepared and flaked fish in Korean market. The recipe is simple.

Perilla oil (deulgireum*) 1/2 T, salted, dried and flaked Korean cod (Bukeo or Hwangtea) 1/2 C, Half package of firm tofu cut into 6-7 pieces, one half package of soy bean sprout, 3 cups of water, one 2 by 2 inch piece of Konbu, Chinese leek (or green onion) halved and chopped in 2 inch length 1/4 C , salt and pepper, hot green chili pepper (optional)

1. Heat oil in the sauce pan and fry the cod flake little bit, add and soy sauce, and saute it little bit more.

2. Add water and konbu and boil. Skim over any foam. Boil about ten minutes.

3. Take out konbu and add leek (if you use green onion, add just white part now and set green part aside), tofu and soy bean sprout. Boil about five minutes or till the leek is tender.

4. add pepper and salt up to taste.

5. if you want to enjoy spicy soup, add halved green chili pepper just before serving. Add green part of green onion as garnish.

* you can find it in most of Korean market. If you can't you can substitute it with little bit of dark sesame oil.


ahna said...

I think I just fell in love with a food that involves beating!!!! I never heard of it and it sounds so exciting. For me rather than beating the fish to serve my anniversary-forgetting-coming-home-drunken husband, I'd beat the crap out of him with the fish like you've said it can be a weapon! I hope my dream man would not turn out to be like one or I'll really do it, lol Ah...that clean broth looks so soothing. (;

KJ said...

Than can be one way to tenderize the fish. :)