Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Find my way back to kitchen

Now days, I moved back to Seoul, meaning I am living with the best cook in ther world: my mom. She is a goddess, and I, her humble follower is not allowed to mass with her sacred place: the kitchen.
Sometimes it almost seem like a dream what I have done in Boston.
One thing I misses most, surprise surprise, not the kitchen but the planters I had. The weather is so perfect for the gardening but I am stuck in the office (for saving the world!) and have no space even for a planter.
As I always complained snobbishly, I work to live but work doesn't work for life: it tends to leave very small room for life. :(

So it happened: my lovely blog is abandoned. But I was surprised today, pleasantly, someone in Japan was also reading my blog. :) How are you there??