Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to store a bundle of scallions :)

Most of you have experience that bought a bundle of scallion and could not use it all before it became a victim of time. Here is a solution. FREEEEEEEZE!

Scallion freezes very well. If you are going to use it in the soup or stir fry, fresh or frozen does not make any difference.

Here is how.

You need a very sharp kitchen knife, a few freezer bags or containers, and a rubber band (which usually the scallion came bundled with).

Wash scallions and trim the end off.

Halve scallions and tie them into one bundle.

Cut into desired length

Put it in the bag or container and freeze it. :)

You may have to cry little bit, since green onion, as you can see, has reason to be called as onion. But it is worth trying.

If you don't want to freeze it, than you can make kimchi with it. I have to warn you that green onion makes the strongest of all kimchis in both smell and taste.

Long time no see, my blog. :)

It has been long time since I post the last article. Love is blind and fool.

I didn't know what I got myself into when I opened this blog.

Writing in foreign language is hard.

Writing about a culture in different language is even harder! :(

But well, I hope no body would mind my crappy writing as long as the food is good, which one thing even I say so myself!

isn't it?