Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Find my way back to kitchen

Now days, I moved back to Seoul, meaning I am living with the best cook in ther world: my mom. She is a goddess, and I, her humble follower is not allowed to mass with her sacred place: the kitchen.
Sometimes it almost seem like a dream what I have done in Boston.
One thing I misses most, surprise surprise, not the kitchen but the planters I had. The weather is so perfect for the gardening but I am stuck in the office (for saving the world!) and have no space even for a planter.
As I always complained snobbishly, I work to live but work doesn't work for life: it tends to leave very small room for life. :(

So it happened: my lovely blog is abandoned. But I was surprised today, pleasantly, someone in Japan was also reading my blog. :) How are you there??


Judith said...

I found your blog today, while hoping that there was a recipe for Pumpkin Kimchi somewhere on the Internet. Thank You! I have made enough kimchi so that I thought I could make it up as I go, and I was glad to see that your recipe is pretty much what I decided I would do. So you made me feel very smart - and almost Korean! (I live in California, in Silicon Valley.) I hope you will continue your food blogging with the help of your mother - tell her that there is a 66 year old woman in California who desperately needs her advice on cooking Korean food. I am glad you have the job you do - it is important work, even when you get sad because the numbers are so depressing. You can help make the world better. You made even my world better today.

KJ said...

To Judith

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It really made my day!!!

Judith said...

Your reply was emailed to me, and it made me re-visit your blog. Oh, my, so many new, wonderful foods to try! I must say again how sorry I am that you do not have time to continue this - the recipes are great, but really the best part is your stories about your family and growing up in Korea. You make me feel like a welcome guest in your home. You write so beautifully and thoughtfully. The August 1, 2010 entry "Keeping my day job" almost brought me to tears.
I wish you had a patio! I have a small one and I bought perilla, jeok kat, chrysanthemum and buchu seeds. I will think of you when I harvest them :) stay well and enjoy your life in Seoul - maybe some day I will get to visit Korea!

izumi babykins said...

I might be one of those in Japan! ^ ^ I actually used to love your blog and sometimes came here. For some reason, I suddenly remembered your blog and read this post.
I hope you are doing great and will come back here one day!

Nayan Kumar BD said...